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  1. Coincidence happens...thus the word.
  2. Confusing posts get confused reactions. Nothing unfair or confusing 'bout dat! FYI...I have a life and the first rule is not to take it too seriously. Perhaps you should consider yoga and/or meditation or other relaxation techniques to lighten up a bit.
  3. Post Of The Year! But seriously, excellent post...which will be lost on the usual suspects.
  4. OK here goes...a very short list of your "accomplishments" 1. Inherit possibly the best economy EVER and claim as your doing 2. Lie about everything 3. Mock, chide and be derisive to everyone 4. Pretend to be everything you're not and deny everything you are 5. Make up every single time you open big mouth 6. Project all the illegal things you do on others 7. Promote violence, hate and racism 8. Deflect and deny everything 9. Be an arrogant, ignorant <deleted> 10. Lie about what you knew early on about Covid-19 (more lies to go w
  5. Seems a very dangerous way to proceed in life, thinking that everything is an illusion. Walking around not knowing, nor understanding, what is real and what is not. Living in a self-imposed stupor...endangering not only yourself, but everyone and everything around you. Consciousness is not "god" just because you or "some people" call it that. Not aware of any evidence of any self-aware "consciousness", "entity" or "mind" which is absent a brain. Are you?
  6. A good start, but it's only up to 14 weeks. The legal time should be through the 2nd trimester...24 weeks. Still very good news. Past time for men and religion to stop controlling what women do with their bodies.
  7. Great news. Surprised he was ever even admitted into hospital. Seems very precautious and a bit of an overreaction, but regardless...glad Greg is doing well, as is the case with the vast majority of those infected.
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